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About poker tools

There’s too many z*ngatools available for download now , anywhere. But for sure, this tools not created by z*nga. Z*nga never made this tools legally. If you find anyone or someone say its legal, its totally 100% fake. Please , do not ever trust any tools that someone offer you, ( 2.5 , 1.0 , 2.0 , or any version . ) This all made by 3rd party, and totally not safe. Please only use the tools that you got from your trusted buyer. So , you can ask any guarentee that the tools its safe. All version available for...

Missing table name ?

we have a 3rd party software to make your poker account will shown up the table name. Ask us for tutorial video and link. We will give you the link to download the plug-in ( only for our buyer ). This Plug-in only work for Google Chorme and citrio browser. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– How to install extension in chrome/opera 17/citrio : 1. Download SecureZyngaExtension.crx 2. Open chrome/opera 17/citrio 3. Use shortcut keyboard “CTRL+SHIFT+DEL” 4. In the dialog that appears, tick top 4 options and select “the beginning of time” on Obliterate the following items from option. 5. Click “Clear browsing data” 6....

Cant see online friends and buddies on poker game

Please bear with us as we work to repair the “Live Join” capability in facebook Poker. This feature is undergoing for maintenance and will return after all feature already finish on maintenance progress. This article will be updated for new information.   Need a cheap poker chips : All in and get the bad call , dont worry, we sell chips for you with a really cheap price , click here