We want to do our best to transfer these chips with the fastest and the safest way for both parties. For this purpose we hope you read these regulations carefully.

  1. You must have at least 100k chips. The more chips you have affects the transfer process became faster and more secure too. Make sure in advance that these items remain in your account.
  2. You are not allowed to place an order before have a chat with us.
  3. Your PayPaI account must be verified.
  4. The price of chips is not negotiable for any reason.
  5. You must follow our direct instructions before, during and after the transfer.
  6. We have full authority to cancel the transaction and will fully restore your payment without any reason.
  7. To eliminate the possibility that we both do not expect, while the transfer process took place here to pray together according to our religion and beliefs.
  8. After the transfer is complete whatever happened to the chips and the account is the responsibility of each party. You fully understand that buying from a third party or selling chips to a third party had a possibility to the banned state and / or will direct you to suspended conditions.
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Terms n Condition


  • Buyer paid the fee or 5% fee additional if unable to paid the fee
  • Your PayPaI account must be verified, and the payment must sent under personal payment.(family or friends ).
  • NEW BUYER MAXIMUM IS $31 Package.
  • AFTER 3 weeks or 5 times transaction will allowed up to $65 Package.
  • After 30 Days or 15 times transaction will allowed up to $78 Package
  • New buyer will able to do second order after 24 hours since 1st time transaction.
  • UK and Israel not available to use paypal.


Same price with paypal pakcage, 1 Billion maximum order.


  • 3€ fee will charged for every package.
  • Payment must sent under EURO currency.
  • Neteller can use Mastercards, Visa , and other mayor credit cards.
  • Available for all country

“about Skrill and Neteller”

  • You can register here for Skrill and here for Neteller
  • Once you register, you can verified your Credit cards first, by following the step by step to get verified , if you not verify yet, you cant upload the money to your account. Its only take’s 5 minutes to complete the verification, And its only need once.
  • For verification, Skrill will credit some random amount from your credit cards and deposit it to your balance, all you need just call your bank directly after you do the prcess and ask for the amount, put it on the verification box. And your account will verify.
  • For Neteller, they will credit your cards with small amount. This transaction will including 4 digits, that you can use it for verify your account. You can call your bank directly after you do the process to ask the 4 digits details.
  • Once you verified, you can upload money from your credit cards, its a direct upload, once you click upload, the money will available on your account.
  • After the money available on your account, you can use the sent money tools to made the payment.


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