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Available for new buyer :

2,000M / 2B $4
5,000M / 5B $5
10,000M / 10B $10
20,000M / 20B $20
30,000M / 30B $30
40,000M / 40B $40
50,000M / 50B $48
100,000M / 100B $85

179 Responses

  1. ubeida says:

    30,000,000 +18m Bonus = $27
    how can i buy this order

  2. Jonas says:

    Hi there I am searchin for some nice offers, I am giving you for around 200$ How many millions could I get?

  3. loren says:

    30,000,000 +18m Bonus = $27

  4. mohammad says:

    i have contected many sites and looking for best price for 1 billion chips plz contact asap as i need to buy fast.

  5. mohammad says:

    i need to buy 1 bill plz contact asap. looking for best price i have contacted other sites aswell.

  6. Zilda cruz says:

    I want to buy 50 million chips!

    What is the procedure, i stay in india hence i can pay in indian rupees only

  7. victor says:

    purchase 40 mill plus bonus for 27 do you accept paypal

  8. leon says:

    can i buy chips

  9. Jason Wong says:

    Please contact me as I need your help and want to buy chips about 300m to 400m from you. Thank you

  10. osmera says:

    beli cip guna ringgit malaysia

  11. Mahmoud says:

    how to chat with your support team i want to buy chips via my visa and what is the maximum chips i can buy via VISA card.

    please reply to me a.s.a.p



  12. pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Ruchi Sarkar says:

    I m trying to be reseller….wanna 3-5b chips everyday…let me know your best price…Thanks

  14. raymond says:

    i need to buy chips

  15. Mike Furgoson says:

    i no see chat log.. =(

  16. raymond says:

    do u have chips

  17. Ronald borda says:

    I need 100m new customers

  18. Ratul Mishu says:

    good for buying chips

  19. Ratul Mishu says:

    wow good management for delivery chips……have good idea ….they are really good person…..and friendly … really happy buy chips from hear ..tnx Admin 1’s more time

  20. Vesna says:


  21. trliano says:

    thanks alot good job and nice to deal with you

  22. MaLu says:

    Good prices, Safely Transferred. Best to buy Poker chips (Y)

  23. sagun says:

    best deal, best customer service.

  24. SSH says:

    The best in town 🙂

  25. Name * Ratul Mishu says:

    felling good when I buy from hear … tnx Admin And Al Team for help us and Quick services

  26. Nick says:

    Haven’t seen anyone as good. Once you try, you will completely love it. I’ve been banned before because so many websites out there just want to get it done as fast as possible, which raises a red flag. Here, it’s done the right way.

  27. Nelson says:

    Prompt chat response, good prices, fast and efficient delivery of chips. Great seller!

  28. hrmvitptcm says:

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  29. efcacm says:

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  30. says:

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