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61 Responses

  1. orlando says:

    very professional service. I highly recommend to others. the way chips are transferred the risks of getting banned are zero to none.

  2. Mehmet says:

    I bought chips from FBpokerchips and I must say very fast delivery straight away and very honest and reliable. Highly recomended.

    FBpokerchips den chips aldim gercekten guvenebilirsiniz. Cok durust ve guvenilir. Ayrica cok hizli chipslerinize sahip olabilirsiniz ben 15 dakika icinde aldim. Mutlaka denemenizi Tavsiye ederim.

    • admin says:

      @Mehmet: I don’t know what is second paragraph mean. But thank a tons for leaving some feedback. One more thing because it’s the most important , please don’t forget to recommended me to your friends. LOL

  3. Richard says:

    Excellent first rate service, very helpful all of the time….highely recommended

  4. Kel says:

    no prices on website…kinda hard to buy that way…

  5. Richard says:

    Great Service, well transferred and great communication, recommended seller of poker chips.

  6. toby says:

    great service thanks

  7. sam says:

    these guys rock and u can never find anybody likr=e them in the business. trust me and buy a package+

  8. gordon says:

    the most polite people iv’e ever dealt with and the service is outstanding #1 in my books

  9. XAVI says:

    Personas 100% legal, transferencia immediata de chips sin problemas.
    Honrados. No te estafaran.

  10. josko says:

    Must said….THIS IS AWSOME….warmly recommend to all buyers,hightly profesional service,verry serious seller,extra fast delivery…BEST PAGE EVER….


  11. frank bernstein says:

    incredible…….. thanks guys

  12. F says:

    great job the way transfers really good

  13. DjSt3rios says:

    Very good service, Fast, Trusted, And its very difficult to get caught. Highly recommended! Keep up the good job 🙂

  14. Ruben says:

    Very nice delivery.. thank you for your coorperation

  15. Poon says:

    Very good service. Very professional transaction. And kind admin..

  16. mackenzie says:

    Thanks guys. This site has very smooth transactions and great service. I dealt with chipsjockey and believe me they are nothing compared to this site.

    This site offers great deals in comparison to others on the net and I will be a returning customer for sure!

    Thanks again for a smooth transaction.

  17. christy says:

    never got my chips, the person kept telling me come back in hr, then they would go offline when I tried to get my chips. the date is march and I have been trying for 5 hrs.They kept telling me for 2 hrs they were busy, then said bad connection. They were going to give chips to me at one point then would not fold and we never got anywhere in transfer. I have used this site many times before but this time is a nightmare. Still dont have my chips and money not refunded either.

  18. christy says:

    ok follow-up on comment from 12hrs ago, came back to site got a different person online here, he/she was wonderful, the transfer took abouut 5 minutes at most. it is now 5;56 am by your site clock. so the guy working at 5;56 pm was rude kept going offline and was not in the least helpful no at all like I have come to expect from here, he will hurt your business. So glad I came back and got another person the exchange went fast and smooth they were a pleasure to deal with……thank you , get rid of the rude person and keep up the good work as always ty so much

  19. Jonathon says:

    You guys are the best! I always come to get chips from here and these guys are top notch. The prices beat anywhere around the internet I’ve seen and they are quick and very friendly…The longest it ever took me to get my chips has been about 10min so definitely quick and very reliable. I have purchased chips from here more then 10 times and I have never had a bad experience! If you have come to this website to get some chips and want fast and reliable service…you’ve definitely come to the right place! I can’t thank you guys enough! 🙂

  20. sins says:

    This is my second time back here at this website! The agents had great service attitude and provided fast and smooth transactions! Very safe way of transferring chips! Highly recommended for their outstanding service! Excellent work guys, keep it up! Thank you so much 🙂

  21. Clemens Ladislav says:

    bought 1m+500k for 2,5$
    extremly cheap :)) and got the money in like 5mins
    great service thanks!!

  22. henry nguyen says:

    Thanx a bunch…great service. And yes, I do have a bunch of friends that down to the bottom of their luck, I’m sure I will referr them to you bro. Thanx again for the bonus, awesome

  23. Leap says:

    Fantastic service, I do like it, compare to Zynga damn billing restrict, I do recommend here so much better.

    Fcking Zynga, I pay them with a long wait but the return is blocked and refund.

    Highly recommend here but more discount would be much appreciated lol!

    Thanks all the best

  24. donna says:

    i have bought from this seller for years and i’ve had nothing but the greatest service ever,waiting to buy again today:)

  25. Shafiek says:

    Excellent Service, will definitely come back.

    Thanks , keep up the good work.

  26. Michelle says:

    Can I pay via Paypal?

  27. Vesna says:

    best sellerrrrr love uuuu <3

  28. Yarosh says:

    best site for selling chips :)will buy from u forever 😀

  29. Haroon says:

    Hey ! I’ve bought a lot from them . Love the prices and service. Keep it up 😉

  30. hussam says:

    wow im ammazed truely staisfied with the customer service and transfer and the price what no one can beat on the internet so 10 starts out of 10 should definetly buy v good thnx and no wait time

  31. dilek says:

    I am totally impressed . . .what a customer service it is guys! a never got angried and a fulfill patienced agent has talked and has explained everything. then it was done in 10 minutes:) i am gonna be back THANK YOU

  32. Cris says:

    best price ever :)and the best service !!! keep gooing like this bro :D. recommended to everybody (Y)

  33. Ian says:

    What time are you on live chat?? I keep coming to buy, but you never here. I see you are redoing your site, looks good. It would be nice if you posted online times. I hope you com on soon today. It says it’s 9:25 am. Please come on so I can buy. Thanks. If you are good, I will be lifetime Customer and refer all my friends to you. 🙂

  34. Damian says:

    Great service, made a payment and it was done within 10 mins. Highly recommend this to anyone who needs fast and cheap chips

  35. Rob says:

    Use to be great place to buy chips. Now for the last 3 days they don’t message back.

  36. DavidnuG says:

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  37. FreddieGeale says:

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